Change the truck

Back in the old days, we called a vehicle like this a "beater"
That old beater cannot make it through flooded roads like this in the rainy season.

Fr. Amedeus lives at Rundugai Mission.    He serves the Mission and two outstations, one of which is Little Flower's sister parish.

 In addition to driving to the church (which  is about a 45 minute drive from where he lives), the priests also have to drive people to the hospital (no ambulance service there; actually the people don't have cars!), have a vehicle to do improvement and maintenance projects at the parish, to go shopping for food for themselves and others, etc. 

Earlier this year, we collected $20,000.  We need $13,000 to pay Moshi Diocese back for the money they lent to order the truck!   

The truck on order is Toyota Hilux double cabin which looks something like this -> 

That's a farm vehicle, ambulance, grocery

truck, etc.

We need your help now.

In Canton, Ohio, donations
may be given directly to T.O. Bennett
(landline 330.497.6149)

Let's get 'er done!!

All donations are tax-deductible
Donations by mail are sent to:
KMHO   PO Box 5125   Portland OR 97208
Please indicate on your check
the "truck".

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