Clean and Safe Water Projects

Some important facts about water in Tanzania:

  • Almost half of the households in the country don’t have access to clean and safe water. 

  • Four in ten rural households spend an hour or more per day to collect water.

  • In 80% of households, the task of collecting water falls to women and children.   Accessible clean water helps keep kids in school.

The biggest challenges faced in accessing safe water include  distance to water points, lack of water points, dirty water and irregular supply of water.


KMHO and the Moshi Diocese are committed to ensuring there are safe water access points within 70 meters of every home in the Diocese.   Your help is needed to make this happen.


These kids are carrying containers of up to five gallons of water.  Each gallon weighs 8.25 lbs.  Can you imagine....?
Donations by mail are sent to: KMHO   PO Box 5125   Portland OR 97208
Please indicate "Clean Water" on your check to support one of these projects.

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