The beauty of our charitable operation is that it is not limited in its scope. You can always find a project that captures your passion and interest. Where is your passion? Where do you feel called to help? Are you interested to help with orphans who have no one else to help? Poor children who have no body to help with thier education, medication and clothing? Do you want to help girls and women get empowered and independent by supporting their education and small scale women economic projects? Are you interested in the mission of educataion our future priests who in turn render service to the entire community? Is your passion on environment and reforestation of Kilimanjaro region? This is your time. Join us in our effort to build and restore hope to the hopeless! Please, call or click!

Where is your passion? Please get involved.  

These people have the will power and energy to work hard, they need your help.

Everybody deserve a little chance  to chase thier dream of live and unfold God given potentials.

Don's turn your back on us. We promise, we will make you proud of your effort and help!

Donations by mail are sent to: KMHO   PO Box 5125   Portland OR 97208
please indicate on your check the "mission" you would like to support.

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