Main Focus of Our Projects: To Build & Restore Hope

Alleviation of Poverty

We all know that nothing can be accomplished with an empty stomach! Our target is to alleviate poverty so that people can have enough food to eat and water to drink. The rest of our supportive efforts will be successful so long as people have food.


Kids from impoverished families

These kids love education. They are in school, and believe it or not this is their classroom. One seems to come from a family who could afford shoes and socks; others do not. We believe we can make the lives of these students a little bit easier!   Please, join us and send us your donation to make our mission possible.

Some classes are over-crowded

To break the chain of poverty, kids needs education. Currently the schools are over-populated. One bench with the capacity to sit two kids is been crowded with 5 kids as seen on the picture. Some sit on the ground.  We can make a difference by supporting education projects of theKilimanjaro region in cooperation with the Catholic Diocese of Moshi.

Kids with Disabilities

​Being born with a disability of any kind in Africa is almost a curse.  Kids with disabilites have no access to education because the schools are not user-friendly for them.  The Catholic Diocese of Moshi saw this problem and committed to construct a special inclusive high school for kids with disabilities from all over the country. St. Pamachius is now open.

Kids from St. Francis
Primary School for the disabled

​St. Francis grade school is one example that it is possible to have a good school for kids with disabilites. This school has saved the lives of many kids because some tribes have superstitious beliefs that a kid with a disability is a curse to the family so they are in danger of being killed. This school was established to serve as their home. They come here and stay. After grade school they could go to high school, but there is none so far which can accommodate them. St. Parmachius is under construction for them. From there, they can go to college and become great members of the society. 

St. Pamachius Inclusive Secondary School
St. Pamachius Inclusive Secondary school is under construction

Seminarian Sponsorship

Ordination Ceremony - Moshi
Our Future Priests 


Moshi Diocese is blessed to have many vocations to the priesthood and religious life.   You are invited to sponsor a seminarian and support him and pray with him all the way to priesthood. For more information about this program, Click Here.

Seminarian Frater Albert Lashayo

Equity and Empowerment Projects

Education for Girls
It is a fact that Education is the sure antidote of poverty.

For a long time girls of Tanzania were left out until

recentily when the church and nation woke up and expanded more schools for girls. Still some are struggling to get in, and some want vocational schools 

that will help them be independent economically. They need your help.

On the photo are girls of Anwarite Girls Secondary 

school in Moshi Tanzania, with visiting Sarah and Marge

from USA


Students of Anwarite
           Girls Secondary School - Moshi
Economic Development Groups for Women
Unity is Power!

Tanzanian women, just like other women of the world, are the driving force of the economy in all sectors of life: In the family, in the villages, districts, in churches and in the country at large. However, most of them play solo in the fight against poverty only to find out that they do not have what it takes to make them thrive. Now, there is movement of forming small groups of women of like interests who who can put their efforts and talents together to boost their chances of economic advancement. Please, listen to their cry and help them realize their dream. How can you help us?  Let us know. Thank you.

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