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Water. One of life’s essential elements. Water to drink. Water to cleanse. Water for crops and manufacturing. Water to nourish and sustain. In Tanzania, however, water – clean, safe water – is scarce. Almost half of the households in Tanzania don’t have access to potable water. Four out of ten households must travel an hour or more just to collect water. The task of collecting water falls to women and children in 80 percent of households, a chore that keeps our children out of school.

The Diocese of Moshi is working to bring water – clean, safe, life-sustaining water – to more Tanzanians. KMHO and the Moshi Diocese are committed to ensuring there are safe water access points within 70 meters of every home in the Diocese. Together, we’ve already undertaken three successful water projects.


Our well in Uchira provides water for two primary schools of 800 children, a medical clinic and convent, as well as neighbors in the area.

St. James Seminary

A project at St. James Seminary serves more than 200 seminarians as well as providing water for the surrounding neighborhood.

You can choose a water project to support below or we will choose one for you.

Kiramtmaho Water Project

This project would deliver water to 12,400 people in two villages in the Rombo District of the Kilimanjaro Region, providing water to four primary schools, a secondary school, and medical dispensary. The total cost is just over $100,000 which would be used for a heavy-duty pump, storage tank, distribution pipes, and solar panels to increase pumping capacity.  In addition to safe drinking water, this would provide adequate water for vegetable gardens and livestock ensuring kids will be able to attend school instead of hauling water much of the day.

Kia Water Project

This project will provide facilities for water storage and two distribution points at St Mary’s Church in the HAI district of the Kilimanjaro Region. It will provide water for a primary school with a large percentage of boarding students and a hospital.   Kia is located on the dry plains of Masai land where rain falls only once a year. Growth in the area has resulted in severe water shortage and this project will help ensure the needs of residents of the district are met. The cost of storage tanks and distribution tanks is $7300.

God called the dry ground “earth” and the basin of water he called “sea”. And God saw that it was good.
– Genesis 1:10

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