Name of child: Innocent
Father’s name: Joseph
Mother’s name: Flora Jerome
Date of birth: 8/16/2016
Place of birth: Soweto – Moshi
Parent’s occupation: Both parents are unknown. The child was abandoned after birth, and was brought up in an orphanage center at Upendo – Moshi Kilimanjaro. It is said his mother was a student in college, and after she had conceived she gave birth and disappeared. The baby was brought up at Upendo orphanage under the request of the then matron Sr. Grace Gabriel Kimario. Sr Kimario is now matron at St. Benedict Secondary School at Majengo Moshi. Her concern is that she cannot afford paying for the education and support of the child.
Stage of education: Though six years, Innocent has not gone to any school even Kindergarten. His future is still in deep darkness.
Support needed: Full support of education, school supplies, food and accommodation