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Clean and Safe Community Water Projects


Water. One of life’s essential elements. Water to drink, cleanse, irrigate crops,  manufacture….   In Tanzania clean, safe water is scarce.    Community safe water projects can help remedy this situation.

 KMHO and the Moshi Diocese are committed to ensuring there are safe water access points within 70 meters of every home in the Diocese. Together, we’ve already undertaken four successful community water projects.

          • Uchira Community
          • Mahida Community
          • St. James Junior Seminary
          • KIA Community
      •  Our next major focus is the
        Kiramtmaho Project in 
        MTIMHOO Parish
        and a large new well in
        Njiapanda Designated Parish

Kiramtmaho Water Project

This project will deliver water to 12,400 people in two villages in the Rombo District of the Kilimanjaro Region, providing water to four primary schools, a secondary school, and medical dispensary. The total cost is just over $100,000 which would be used for a heavy-duty pump, storage tank, distribution pipes, and solar panels to increase pumping capacity.  In addition to safe drinking water, this will provide adequate water for vegetable gardens and livestock ensuring kids will be able to attend school instead of hauling water much of the day.

These “critical” areas of this project could use immediate funding:

  • A submersible 10 HP pump able to push water uphill for 400 meters and then another 4500 meters through a 2” pipe, cost: $7900
  • A 50 square meter storage tank, cost: $13,000
  • Additional piping, cost: $11,275

Any amount will help.  Funds will be held until we are able to pay for each area.

Grants to fund this project
would get this moving.

Njiapanda Designated Parish

There is a major water shortage in this new parish.   Water from the local distribution system is inadequate and presently supplied on a rationing basis. Water has to be purchased and transported to the parish facilities by vehicles.  The parish garden has dried up. The parish is in need of funding to drill a bore hole that will be used as a large water well. The estimated costs for drilling, a pump, pipes, electric wiring and accessories is $6900 in US dollars.  The 2400 Catholics living in this parish would be forever grateful for any amount you could donate.   Thank you for your consideration!

Lining up to get water in their buckets.

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