Safe water

Clean and Safe Community Water Projects


Water. One of life’s essential elements. Water to drink, cleanse, irrigate crops,  manufacture….  Community safe water projects can help remedy this situation.  Together we have already undertaken several successful community water projects, providing water to people of all faiths.

Completed projects


KMHO and the Moshi Diocese are committed to ensuring there are safe water access points within 70 meters of every home in the Diocese. Together, we’ve already undertaken six successful community water projects.

  • Uchira Community
  • Njiapanda Community
  • St. James Junior Seminary
  • KIA Community
  • Sambarai Parish
  • New Land Designated Parish St. Pope Gregory the Great 

Pictured are the trees planted at Njia Panda with the well in the background. 

Himo Parish

Our next focus will be a well for Himo Parish, serving a Parish of 8000 members and a community of 16,000.   Water from the local distribution is inadequate and presently supplied on a rationing basis. Government taps are unreliable and many community members have been forced to walk long distances for their water or pay local retailers to deliver bottled water.  The current estimate of costs to provide safe water for Himo Parish and Community is approximately $12,000 US dollars.   Parish and community members would be forever grateful for any amount you could donate. Thank you for your consideration.  

 Congregation of Jesus the Redeemer Friary

The other priority well is for the Congregation of Jesus the Redeemer, a diocesan friary of 66 Brothers and candidates devoted to serving the poor. Due to lack of water the friars are having a difficult time growing crops to feed themselves.  And many of the trees in their tree nursery established in an effort to support themselves have died.  A $12,000 borehole will not only provide water for the friary but for the neighborhood and the adjacent Catholic agricultural training center at Kilacha.   

Dying Orange Trees

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