St. Pamachius

Inclusive Secondary School 

Our Progress Report

The interesting things in our school is that all are taught to live with adversity in our lives. This says “Strength is from unified diversity” and it means it doesn’t matter anything. We are all family and we are all strengthened and unified.

Another thing is every student is taught how to use sign language, some are learning to use Braile, and we are learning how to use musical instruments like piano and drums. So in our school we are learning many things.

Everyone is welcome to our school. Don’t wait to be told. Please come and see for yourself.

Prepared by Adela, Form 4, whose first language is Kiswahili

Breaking Barriers: St. Pamachius, Tanzania’s Pioneering Inclusive Secondary School

At St. Pamachius, inclusivity isn’t just a concept; it is our way of life. Nestled in the heart of Tanzania near Mt Kilimanjaro, we stand proud as the country’s only inclusive secondary school, currently providing a nurturing environment for 368 diverse students. Our student body is a mosaic of abilities, embracing 10 blind students, 36 deaf students, 46 students with Albinism, 4 with other physical limitations, and a thriving community of typically abled students.

📚 Empowering Minds for the Future

St. Pamachius goes beyond mere inclusivity; we are committed to empowering every student for a future of endless possibilities. With grades spanning from Form 1 to Form 4 (Ordinary Level), our curriculum is designed to cater to the unique needs of each student, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue vocational colleges or universities.

👐 Building Bridges with Sign Language and All Students Assisting Others

In our commitment to fostering a truly inclusive environment, we recognize the importance of communication. All students, except the blind, take sign language training during Forms 1 and 2. This not only facilitates effective communication but also fosters a sense of unity and understanding among students of different abilities. All students here assist each other as best they can. As you look around the campus, you will see blind students being guided by sighted students and/or students pushing a student confined to a  wheelchair from building to building.

Celebrating Diversity

At St. Pamachius, diversity is our strength. Our inclusive community celebrates differences and highlights the beauty that comes from learning, growing, and achieving together. Our approach encourages collaboration, empathy, and mutual respect, laying the foundation for a harmonious society grounded in Christian values where everyone is valued for their unique contributions.


We have lofty goals but need your help! In order to introduce Form 5 this coming July, we must raise the funds to finish the building of two additional dormitories, one for boys, one for girls. We need approximately, $100, 000 to make this dream a reality.

Please visit us at St. Pamachius, where we believe in the potential of every individual and strive to create a world where education is truly inclusive, leaving no one behind.

Any donation, no matter how small, if designated for St Pamachius projects, will help us continue to grow and provide an exceptional education to these very deserving students, some of whom would not be able to attend secondary school anywhere else because schools in Tanzania are not inclusive and the government provides no help for these capable kids. St Pamachius Inclusive secondary school serves as a “flagship” shining example of what Christians can do to make our world a better place for all of us.

The library stacks contain the books donated to us by Books for Africa. 

Make a difference

Any donation, large or small, will make all the difference in the life of a child in Tanzania. You can make a difference between a life lived, abandoned and forgotten on the streets and a life of promise, productivity, and love.

Where your donation goes

  • A classroom chair: $28 (US dollars)
  • A teacher’s desk: $87
  • A laptop: $360-500
  • Classroom chairs per room: $1300
  • Classroom desks per room: $2500
  • Sponsorship for a student $900 for all fees, room & board
  • Student sponsorships are available under the sponsorship menu

We need your help

As we are working on the construction of the six new classrooms, we need $24,000 to equipment them. 

Thank you for considering a donation, and thank you, as well, for your prayers.

Library under construction
Students in Classroom
Form 3 students in dining hall/classroom