Sponsor a Moshi Diocese Seminarian


These young men are holy, humble and determined to achieve their dream of ordination to the priesthood. The journey toward the priesthood is long and difficult, requiring many years of training. Your support during the educational journey of one boy to priesthood is powerful and important. To learn more about the Moshi-diocese Seminarians, and how to sponsor a seminarian, visit the Moshi Diocese website.

Sponsor a Moshi Diocese Seminarian


  1. Powerful prayers for your intentions!
  2. A relationship with your new “son”
  3. A free monthly e-zine brings you news about seminary life; the seminarians contribute the magazine articles
  4. An annual “trading card” with your “son’s” picture and biographical information

Sign up for Our Monthly e-zine

The Moshi Seminarian

The e-magazine is published quarterly.    The main authors of the e-zine are the seminarians.  Learn about seminary life, their vocations, their families, and even get some spiritual guidance from our future priests.

Your Contribution

Contribution Amounts

  • Senior seminarians: $1000 per year
  • Junior seminarians: $1000 per year

Time Commitment

Sponsorships are annual and ongoing, however they can be shared with others. If you’re interested in supporting a seminarian and cannot afford the annual sponsorship, please contact us, or donate through our donation form.

Junior Seminarian Sponsorships

Junior seminarian sponsorship includes: registration fee for their national exams -for Form two, Form four, and Form Six; the fees for the regional exams, contribution for academic tour which is required by the ministry. This amount covers everything student needs to stay in school.

Additional Contributions

  • You pray for your “son” in the seminary in Moshi
  • E-mail to keep in contact.

Letter of
Gratitude to Seminarian Sponsors from Vocation Director

How to Complete a Sponsorship

Select a Seminarian

Choose a seminarian to sponsor. Once you are ready to sponsor that seminarian, click “Sponsor Now” and complete the checkout process. Payments can be made by PayPal, Check, Interbank Transfer (Tanzania only) or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).  Monthly, annually, quarterly – at your convenience.

Provide Ongoing Support

Once you’ve chosen to sponsor a seminarian, you’ll recieve follow-up information, including an email to keep in contact. Your correspondence and ongoing prayers for your “son” in the seminary in Moshi are a vital part of your contribution.

“He said to them, ‘Come after me and I will make you fishers of men.’” 

Matthew 4:19

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Help us bring provide for the seminarian mission in Tanzania through donations and sponsorships.