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Family-size wells


Almost half of the households in Tanzania don’t have access to safe water. Four out of ten households must travel an hour or more just to collect water. 

In parts of the Moshi Diocese, safe water can be reached by wells less than 50 feet deep. Local teams and KMHO volunteers, using technology and materials developed by Water For All International, will work alongside families to provide a safe water supply.  The methods used, depending on the locale, include either retrofitting an open water hole with a hand pump and permanent sealed cover, or forming a well club of five families and training them to drill their own new wells. 

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Please donate towards a Family-Sized well.

The average cost for a well is about $250, more than the monthly  income of many families.  Please consider partnering with a Tanzanian family to create a safe well. Your $150 sponsorship, in addition to the family’s contribution, will pay for pump supplies and training. You can help ensure that a Tanzanian family has a safe source of water right next to their home and you will gain a family of friends forever.

Please donate toward a Family-Sized Well.

We are working on Community wells also.  Learn more…

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