Student Sponsorships

Education Brings Hope

Student Sponsorships:


  • Provide youth with a worldview of life’s possibilites
  • Empower youth with confidence and knowledge to realize their dreams
  • Open up opportunities for young people
  • Develop communities

When you choose to sponsor a student, you build a relationship.  Sponsors receive annual letters from their students, as well as photographs, and a report on academic progress. They can visit their students and attend graduation! Sponsorship is intended to continue yearly,  hopefully as far as your student’s educational journey goes. 

The cost of student sponsorship varies between $900 and $2500 per year depending on whether the student is in ordinary or advanced levels of high school, vocational school, or university. Sponsors can choose to cover the entire sponsorship amount, or they can choose to share the sponsorship and cover half the sponsorship amount. Payments can be made yearly or monthly. Although the needs of each student vary depending on year in school and program of study, sponsorship generally provides students with tuition, room and board,  and other school fees.

For those who prefer not to commit to a yearly sponsorship, one time donations are welcome.  These donations will be placed into an emergency fund to help cover students who do not have long-term sponsors. 

Special Note to Students: If you have found our website and are in need of a sponsor, please contact your school principal or your local parish priest. Your information will then be forwarded to the Moshi Diocese Director of Education. We cannot accept requests for support submitted through this website.

Secondary Schools

(High Schools)

Only about 60% of all Tanzanian boys and girls age 13-17 years can attend ordinary level secondary school, and less than 30% of Tanzanian kids age 18-20 go on to attend advanced level. Language is one barrier to education. Students coming from public primary schools are taught in Swahili, while all secondary schools are taught in English. But cost is the biggest obstacle that keeps students from continuing their educations. Your sponsorship will allow more Tanzanian boys and girls to study toward a brighter future.

The school system in Tanzania is similar to the British system.  The first four years are the “ordinary levels” or O-levels.  The 2nd two years are called “advanced levels” or A-levels. Students may qualify to enter many trade school programs with an O-level certificate, but an A-level certificate is required for entrance to the university.

Ordinary level sponsorship is $900/yr
Advanced level sponsorship is $1000/yr

Trade School Diplomas

Vocational Training Includes:

  • Diploma Programs (similar to associates degrees)
  • Certificate Programs

Two and Three-year, full-time programs certified by Tanzania’s Vocational Training Authority (VETA) and the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE)

Trade school sponsorship is $1000/yr – $1600/yr 


Programs are available in:

  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Food Production & Services
  • Electrical Installation
  • Tour Guiding & Tourism
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Masonry & Bricklaying
  • Agriculture Production
  • Water Installation & Solar Technology
  • Animal Health & Production
  • Tailoring
  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance
  • Computers
  • Nursing & Midwifery


Trade School Students Currently Awaiting Sponsors

University Degrees

Mwenge University offers many bachelors and post-graduate degree programs. Most bachelors programs take three years. KCMC is a nearby nursing university. A university degree prepares students to take on leadership roles in their communities.

Courses are available in:

  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Education
  • Geography & Environmental Science
  • Business Administration
  • Sociology & Social Work
  • Mathematics & Statistics
University sponsorship is $2500/yr

University Students Currently Awaiting Sponsors

St. Pamachius Inclusive Secondary School

Sponsor a student at Tanzania’s only secondary school for special needs students. 

Ordinary level sponsorship is $900/yr

    Special Needs Students Currently Awaiting Sponsors

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